About Us

At DMS, our mission is to provide an exceptional customer experience by giving your business the most knowledgeable, dedicated and professional telecom communications team in the industry.

DMS Values:

  • Integrity – We will never compromise on quality, service or character.
  • Teamwork – We will share ideas, build trust and communicate with our customers as a team.
  • Passion – Our customers are our passion.
  • Excellence – We will be the best at everything that we do.
  • Innovation – We will look at every situation with an innovative approach.

Less Hassle, More Savings

DMS has earned our clients’ telecom business by not only finding and negotiating the best price and terms through our hand-selected and pre-screened telecom providers, but also by taking the hassle out of dealing with ordering and delivery coordination from the phone company. Avoid the time consuming and frustrating experience of trying to contact the telecom providers directly; instead, focus on your business while we focus on your data and communication needs.

We Learn Your Business

Working with DMS is simple. You tell us your business goals, and we recommend a package of services based on your needs. We recognize that each company is unique, and have successfully taken on the challenge of learning a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries, including banking, manufacturing, hospitals and healthcare, retail, technical services, distribution, logistics, and professional services, to name a few.

Service Solutions

As your full service telecom sales and support team, DMS will take on the responsibility of managing your telecommunications needs and services. We will keep track of the services you have through your telecom providers and remind you when your contract is coming up for renewal. This allows us to review your business needs and handle the contract expiration so that you do not receive any unnecessary charges. DMS also makes moving easy. When you are ready to move to a new location, we can discuss your current services as well as needs for your new site and handle the whole project. We will coordinate dates with your vendors to make the transition of your services go smoothly.

Special Acknowledgement – 5 Star Telecom Solutions Provider

Designation as an AT&T® 5 Star Solution Provider means DMS must meet specific criteria and standards of service. The AT&T 5 Star Solution Provider status assures a total staff commitment to constant product training, applications training and specific standards of conduct.  This holds DMS to a higher standard of performance and allows us to provide outstanding customer service and salesmanship. DMS has over 40 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry, including experience in technical and support roles for the AT&T family of companies.

This does not limit us to use AT&T services (in fact, we will suggest other carriers if we determine a more optimal fit for your company), but this exclusive recognition only serves to acknowledge our further commitment to you.

Why Choose DMS

  • over 40 years of combined experience in telecommunications on your side
  • enjoy excellent customer service from a 5 Star Telecom Solutions Provider
  • keep up with all of the new technologies available in the telecom industry
  • simplify your communication services by having a single contact for all your telecom needs
  • leverage our unprecedented buying power and receive more savings with less hassle with DMS’s ability to negotiate lower prices from some of the largest telecom providers in the industry!

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