AT&T Private Line Service

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Your business is growing to multiple sites within the U.S. or even internationally. That means you need reliable communications between these sites. Private Line Services allow you to connect your enterprise network directly to one site or multiple sites, depending on the needs of your applications and locations. AT&T provides data services as well as, video and voice transmission services that are faster and more efficient, with the diversity to protect your network assets.

AT&T Private Line Service lets you connect your locations with safe, efficient and reliable communications at high speeds using AT&T’s network. Utilizing AT&T’s service portfolio brings availability, reliability, network management and support to allow you to customize your network.

Customizing Your Network

Service Types

We have the broadest array of best-in-class Private Line Services from 9.6 Kbps (single channel) to SONET transmission speeds of 9.953 Gbps (OC-192) to Ethernet solutions.


AT&T Private Line Service is available domestically and in 80 countries around the globe. To ensure we can meet your future needs, we are constantly expanding and improving our network. With more than 77,000 route miles of fiber optics, including 16,500 miles of new “next-generation” fiber and SONET rings, we have created an ultra-capacity express overlay network with state-of-the-art SONET and optical networking technologies. This architecture ensures extensive coverage for your current and expanding needs.

AT&T Private Line Service – Multipoint


AT&T’s superior network technology and state-of-the-art infrastructure positions AT&T Private Line as the ultimate in reliability. The AT&T network utilizes multiple restoration capabilities via Mesh architecture, SONET Rings and FASTAR. Our SONET Premium Private Line Services offer redundant circuits and millisecond restoration times – so fast that restoration is virtually unnoticeable.

Network Management and Support

Our Private Line and SONET maintenance centers are available to customers 24 hours a day. Our customers can choose to outsource network management; we offer a variety of options. We also have special service options for the customer who wants hands-on control over their network. With AT&T, customers can choose exactly how much management and support they want and need.

Private Line Service Benefits

  • Performance – Dedicated, private and secure point-topoint connectivity that allows you to connect to multiple end-points
  • Agility – End-to-end component and network management
  • Control – Total Service – One number to call for Private Line end-to-end provisioning, maintenance, billing and support
  • Security – AT&T is one of the most dependable communication providers in the industry offering 24×7 proactive monitoring of your network

Private Line Service Features

  • Configures private lines over physically diverse POP to POP routes if required
  • Uses self-healing SONET Network to route customer traffic
  • SLAs that provide credits in the rare event of a service interruption
  • Premium Services with Enhanced SLAs
  • Multiple types of configurations
    – Point to Point, Multipoint and Add/Drop Multiplexer
  • Cost-effective and scalable speeds up to 9.9 Gbps (OC192)

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