AT&T Frame Relay Service

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AT&T Frame Relay Service is an end-to-end, data network offering based on frame relay technology providing fast, efficient and reliable many-to-many connectivity enabling your critical applications. AT&T’s ATM switching back-bone consistently maintains reliability, low congestion and consistent performance. Whether your requirements are for domestic connectivity within a single country or region, or you need a global network, AT&T’s global packet network is strategically positioned to connect your various locations.

AT&T Frame Relay Service will help you simplify your current networks and allow you to rapidly upgrade your bandwidth, connect your many sites and choose various capabilities with ease. For example, if you need more bandwidth outside the scope of AT&T Frame Relay Service you can subscribe to AT&T ATM Service, which uses the same Frame Relay/ATM core backbone platform.

Likewise, as you consider your Internet Protocol (IP) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) needs, AT&T Frame Relay Service has options such as AT&T IP-Enable Frame Relay Service to help you meet these needs while still maintaining your existing Frame Relay network.

The benefit of purchasing a Frame Relay Service is quite significant since you can keep your frame relay service and pick and choose options that are available and customize your data networking solution whatever way you like. AT&T Frame Relay Service can grow with your company, every step of the way.

You can rest assured that AT&T proactively monitors your service 24 hours, 7 days a week to ensure your applications runs without any disruptions.

AT&T offers Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to support your expectations in the areas of delays, on-time provisioning, repair time, delivery rates and network availability. For example, the performance objective for U.S. network availability is 99.99%, and if AT&T does not meet this objective, the customer is entitled to a credit.

AT&T Frame Relay Service consists of Access, Ports, Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVCs), standard features, as well as options that you can choose from.

AT&T Offers a Variety of Options to Enhance Your Frame Relay Service and Experience

Frame Relay Plus

Allows you the ability to proactively monitor your service including fault resolution and near real-time and historical performance reports that pinpoint critical issues and causes.

Integrated Network Connection Service

Dynamically allocates unused capacity set aside for one application to applications that need extra bandwidth.

Frame Relay to ATM Interworking

Allows frame relay endpoints to communicate seamlessly with ATM endpoints.


  • 24×7 monitoring of service
  • Integrate and migrate with other services and technologies at ease
  • A cost-effective solution
  • Scalable, flexible and reliable
  • End-to-end custom solutions


  • Service Level Agreements
  • Reliability and network management capabilities
  • Customer network design and engineering support
  • Bursting capabilities enabled
IP-Enabled Frame Relay/ATM

Allows you to maintain the privacy of your frame network while establishing any-to-any access to the Internet, intranets and extranets.

DSL Access to Frame Relay

Leverages the inherent private network security and performance of AT&T’s Frame Relay Service to broadband VPN needs without adding tunneling or encryption complexities.

Private IP Access Services

Allows you to take advantage of the AT&T dial infrastructure with the same security features provided by the AT&T Frame Relay network.

Managed Router Service with Frame Relay Transport

Provides managed WAN solutions that manage routers, data communication equipment with AT&T Local Frame Relay Service and the transport.

Disaster Recovery Option
(DRO)/Backup PVC

Allows a secondary PVC to be installed and made ready in the event of a disaster.

Switch Diversity Option (SDO)

Protects your network in case of a failure by re-routing to separate Points of Presence (POPs) and/or switches.

ISDN Dial Backup

Offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative for non-U.S. access back-up. It provides you with the appropriate resiliency for their dedicated leased line connections and improves the level of access availability.

Bundled Frame Relay Access on SINA

Allows the T1 Local Channel and the Frame Relay port to be combined into a single billed component, called an Access Port.

Web Tools

Online management of your AT&T Frame Relay Network improves your network efficiency and troubleshooting ability. AT&T’s web tools E-Order, E-Maintenance, E-Bill, provided through AT&T BusinessDirect® are right at your fingertips. Customer Network Management Service Web Reports are also available for analysis, trending and planning functions.

AT&T’s Frame Relay Network transmits a million CDs worth of information across the nation every single day. That same network regularly achieves a 99.99% performance rating.

Key Advantages

  • Use logical connections between physical ports which is ideal for meshing networks or any-to-any connectivity
  • You can integrate or migrate with other services with ease
  • Ports and PVCs to meet your bandwidth requirements now and in the future
  • High performing service with SLAs that target aggressive benchmarks but in the unlikely event that the network performs less than the targets, customers are entitled to credits
  • Around the clock Network Operations Center (NOC) support to ensure your applications runs smoothly

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