AT&T Voice DNA

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AT&T Voice DNASM: A Complete IP Communications Solution For Your Business

AT&T Voice DNASM service is a network-based communications solution that utilizes AT&T’s industry leading global Internet Protocol (IP) network to deliver enhanced communication tools.

AT&T Voice DNASM is a cutting-edge fully hosted VoIP solution that includes advanced features, various calling plans, and a full suite of management services and tools that help ensure that you provide the best overall service to your customers, your employees and your partners.

Benefits Across Your Business

  • Enhance business productivity through advanced features including VIP routing, conferencing, click to call and remote worker/mobility support.
  • Centralize control of communications across your entire organization including branch and home office sites, allowing you to easily add sites, users and features.
  • Improve return on your investment through savings on capital expense for IP PBXs and key systems and through reduced costs associated with moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACDs).

Calling Plans to Meet Your Communications Needs

AT&T IP Flexible Reach is a managed Voice over IP communication solution that supports inbound and outbound calling on your data network giving you unlimited on-net, unlimited local and unlimited long-distance calling plus competitive international reach for all your U.S. sites. With AT&T you gain the efficiency and economic benefits of network convergence for your organization.

Convenience and Control for Administrators and Employees

The administrator web portal is intuitive and user friendly, providing centralized administration across your organization for MACDs, disconnect activity, reporting and management capabilities.

The personal web portal gives your employees the ability to manage their calls and features through an easy to use interface that is accessible from an office computer and remotely via the Internet. Once logged in, they can check call logs, listen to voice mail messages and manage call settings.


  • Mobile employees can be more responsive by listening to voicemail from the web
  • Remote workers can even utilize the full benefit of AT&T Voice DNASM
  • Management enhances productivity with Find Me/Follow Me
  • End users can reach out instantly without having to make a conference call reservation


  • Utilize Find Me/Follow Me so customers call just one number to reach employees
  • Unite locations with a simple to manage, voice/data network
  • Adjust to your evolving needs by using a scalable service
  • Aid in security/disaster planning with our hosted solution
  • Enable just one carrier to meet your local, long distance and data services needs
  • Decrease administrator MACD’s, end-users handle minimal configuration
  • Reduce operating expenses thru decreased administrator moves, adds and changes

AT&T Voice DNASM Diagram

Feature Packages to Enhance Your Employees’ Communications

STANDARD PACKAGE (No Personal Web Site)

  • Abbreviated dial plans
  • Audible Call Forward
  • Auto Callback Busy
  • Call Forward – Busy and No Answer
  • Call Hold
  • Call Reason Display
  • Call Transfer – Blind and Consultative
  • Call Waiting – Block/Unblock
  • Caller ID Blocking
  • Caller ID Presentation
  • Caller Name and Number Presentation
  • Call Restriction
  • Custom 911 Routing
  • Dial 0 for Company Operator
  • DID (Direct Inward Dialing)
  • DOD (Direct Outward)
  • Executive Busy Override
  • External Transfer
  • Fax machines utilizing G.711 Fax protocol
  • Last Number Redial
  • Station to Station Dialing
  • Three-way Conferencing

ENHANCED PACKAGE (Includes Personal Web Site) – Standard Package plus

Personal Web Site Features:
  • Alternate Name Search
  • Call Forking
  • Call Logs
  • Click to Call
  • Directory/Contacts
  • Locate Me (Find Me/Follow Me)
    – Call Forward – Busy, No Answer, Variable
    – Call Treatments
    – Caller Categories (Groups)
    – No Answer Ring Timers
    – Selective Call Acceptance
    – Selective Call Forwarding
    – Selective Call Rejection
    – Simultaneous Ring
  • Missed Call Notification
  • My Profile
  • Speed Dialing Corporate and Personal
Phone Features:
  • Bridged Line Appearance
  • Call Forwarding – Unconditional
  • Call Park
  • Call Pickup, Directed, Group
  • Click to Call LCD
  • Distinctive Ringing
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Intercom Calling
  • Last Call Return
  • Multiple Line Appearances – Single and Multiple Extensions
Common Capabilities:
  • Account Codes – Mandatory and Optional
  • Call Groups
  • Hunt Groups

PREMIUM PACKAGE (Includes Personal Web Site) – Enhanced Package Plus

  • Outlook Integration
  • Switch Phone
  • Voicemail (Unified Messaging, Message Waiting Light, Zero Out Option)

OPTIONAL FEATURES – (Can be ordered with Enhanced and Premium Packages)

  • Auto Attendant
  • Audio conferencing (up to 10 users) Per Seat
  • Call Distribution Module
  • Soft Phone

Local Service Features

  • Blocking Options
  • Caller ID w/Name
  • Directory Assistance (411, 00, NPA 555-1212)
  • Directory Listing
  • Inbound and Outbound Calling (DID/DOD)
  • LNP (Local Number Portability)
  • N11
  • Network Hunting
  • Operator Services
  • Originating 8YY
  • Out of Area Telephone Number Provisioning (Secondary Exchange)
  • Station-to-Station
  • 911/E911 Service

AT&T Networking Options

AT&T’s IP MPLS network provides the foundation for convergence and for seamless communications across your organization. To support your connectivity and bandwidth needs for AT&T Voice DNASM, access is available through AT&T Managed Internet Service (MIS) or AT&T Network based VPN, an MPLS Private Network Transport (MPLS PNT) Service. In addition, by utilizing Class of Service with 25 different profiles, you can optimize your voice and data application performance.

Remote Worker/Remote Site Capabilities

Use your AT&T Voice DNASM service with our Remote Worker/Remote Site Option. Employees can work productively whether they are at home, in a meeting room, at your customer’s location, in a hotel room or at the airport. Remote Worker/Remote Site utilizes a single broadband connection such as AT&T provided DSL.


You can have telephone numbers in a desired area code regardless of where the phone is physically located. These Virtual Telephone Numbers (VTNs) separate the phone number from its geographic location.

Extraordinary Support

You’re not alone. Upon installation, the AT&T Voice DNASM service includes a 30 day service confirmation period. During those 30 days, you will receive extra care to help you and your staff to understand how to maximize all the features and benefits that come with your new VoIP solution.

Note: AT&T Voice DNASM is only available where E911 services can be provided.

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