DMS Partner Portal | Become a Telecom Partner

The Partner Portal provides our partners with exclusive access to our compilation of partner resources, allowing you to easily manage your partner relationship. It is the single resource for all of the sales, marketing, and support tools that you need. The Partner Portal provides an online knowledge base that allows you to self-assist 24/7 so that you can immediately respond to potential client opportunities at anytime. We encourage you to take advantage of the benefits that the Partner Portal offers, and leverage the provided materials to enhance our successful partner collaboration.

Please remember to check back often, as access to new content becomes available.

Benefits of Being a DMS Partner

  • Provide your customers with an additional resource Show your customers you care about their overall company health. By providing DMS and AT&T services to your customer you can be sure that they will receive support and assistance for all of their telecom needs. Whether you prefer to be the point of contact for the services or you prefer a warm hand off to your customer we are here to help them.
  • Create security in the relationship that you have with your customer We specialize in providing and supporting service through AT&T. If your company provides hardware, computer equipment, cabling or even IT services then DMS can work hand in hand with you to cover all aspects of your customer’s needs. This type of partnership shows an overall value to a customer and can prevent other vendors from trying to take your customer’s business away from you.
  • Coordinate service installation with the work that you do Our support staff will work with you to coordinate due dates and installations of services. Whether your customer is moving or upgrading their services, we will make sure that the installation of the service and the work that you do occurs in a seamless manor so that everyone can enjoy a smooth transition and a successful project.
  • Create potential monthly savings for your customer A return on investment can be a powerful tool. By working with us and allowing us to review your customer’s service needs and current telecom expenses we can work to create savings for your customers. This savings can then be allocated to advance their business technology through you. Savings on monthly telecom expenses can create funding for your customers that can be allocated to new expenditures which may include your products and services. It is a win-win for you and for your customer.

Who can benefit from being a DMS partner?

  • Telephone Equipment Vendors
  • Computer Equipment Vendors
  • IT Consulting Firms
  • Contracted IT Staff

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