Control Costs and Lower Expenses

The order of the items in the title is not random. Controlling costs, in the sense of having a strict budget and sticking to it, is much more important than lowering these costs. We do not engage in submitting any proposal if we are not absolutely certain of its long term evolution. We are not in the business of quick fixes. They usually end up costing more money and time than it’s worth.

This sort of responsibility is a guarantee that we, here at Digital Management Solutions (DMS), provide unconditionally. This is what we do and we’re good at it.

With that in mind, we then move towards responsible cost cutting measures:

The Integrated Network Paradigm

In the past, different types of data required different networks. Of course, this affects adversely the efficiency and the bottom line. One of our main focuses is to completely merge these services into a single, flexible manageable network. With technologies such as MPLS and Ethernet, we’ve achieved the means to make this goal become reality. This translates into lower IT costs and a leaner, easier to maintain infrastructure.

Expanding Online Presence

An online component to your business is a must in this age. However, it’s often challenging for businesses to find an appropriate deal to match your needs. Our extensive contacts in the industry will allow us to find this obtain the best deal in hosting, collocation, dedicated connections, load balancing or cloud computing.

In the end we attack the cost problem from every possible angle, but we do so in a responsible fashion. We will not sacrifice the future prospects of your organization for the sake of a quick fix. Each and every proposal we put forth respects this underlying principle.

Relevant Communication: Shifting to Better Conferencing Solutions

Technologies such as VoIP, as well as recent advances in data management, allow us to offer conferencing solutions which only a few years ago were unimaginable. The need to visit physical locations to get the grasp of the situation will sink to an all time low. This translates into consistent savings for your company.

The specifics of the conferencing solutions we will use depend heavily on your particular needs. However, we have contracts with virtually every major carrier and VoIP service provider. This means that we have both the know how and the capability to offer the best possible solution.

An Eye Firmly on the Future

Another great way through which we provide long term savings is the use of flexible technologies. The telecom industry is in the middle of a revolution, with data capacity and computing power growing exponentially.

One of the biggest challenges an organization faces is to implement networking solutions that deliver now, yet also offer cheap expansion capabilities for the future. This is one area where we truly excel. Our long history and experience makes us uniquely qualified to suggest the optimum approach to bypass this issue.

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