DMS Participates in IP Flex Reach Trials

DMS has been selected as one of only three Solution Providers in the US to run trials for the IP Flex product line with a major national carrier. During the next few months, DMS will be working with potential customers to identify opportunities to migrate to the proven reliability of IP Flex service from older forms of telephony with a carrier who is known for their award winning data network and customer friendly support organization.

With the launch of the IP Flex product line, customers who are currently using this provider for their WAN and Internet services will be able to consolidate voice onto their data networks for cost reduction and a streamlined solution. This is the final round of trials that will take place prior to a full launch of IP Flex to the general market expected in 1Q 2016. We are excited to be able to add this to the portfolio of services that we offer to our clients and we anticipate that with the launch, this carrier will become an even larger piece of the telecom puzzle for our customers.

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