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Although not our primary focus, time and time again we find ourselves consulting our customers on equipment. Most of the carriers we partner with offer equipment solutions, so as part of our consulting services, we don’t hesitate to deliver clear requirement lists.

If we ignored the equipment aspect, we wouldn’t be able to provide a comprehensive answer to your needs. For example, when analyzing services only, we might find ourselves proposing an apparently attractive deal, only to find out that the cost of equipment is prohibitive. Complete answers require complete analysis and here at DMS we don’t hesitate to walk the extra mile in order to be sure that you have the right deal.

That said, here are some common types of Customer Premises Equipment solutions we suggest to our customers:

  • Network Infrastructure: Our proposals tend to be flexible and intelligent enough to not require very expensive equipment. We also keep an eye on the future. Basically, we favor solutions that provide easily upgradable components that will most likely not become obsolete any time soon. This is particularly important as we often see beyond short term thinking negatively affecting companies today. We’re not in the business of providing quick fixes and this philosophy is translated into our comprehensive proposals.
  • Voice Platforms: The array of options available on the market is nothing less than astonishing. Whether traditional voice platforms or high tech¬†IP telephony systems, we dispel the fog surrounding this field. We establish a clear set of requirements and then help you decide on the best deal by conducting a careful cost/benefit analysis.
  • Data Systems: The ability to conduct business efficiently is directly correlated to the performance of the application layer. We have the know-how and expertise to go for the best solutions. A lot of the common IT headaches can be avoided by simply making good basic choices when the infrastructure is set into place. We are here at every step to ensure that you do exactly that.
  • Equipment Maintenance: Over time, equipment breaks down. It’s unavoidable. As part of our long term philosophy we also keep track of how the various vendors we deal with keep their end of the bargain. Down time is simply unacceptable and we do our best to avoid that both by proposing fault tolerant and redundant systems as well as by selecting vendors with an impeccable track record in customer relations.

As you can see, our consulting services go far above anything you’ve experienced before. We hate leaving anything to chance so we try as hard as we can to take everything into account. This is the reason why our customers use our services again and again.

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