Finance & Banking Telecom Solutions and IT Services

Success in the banking and financial industry is in direct proportion to the quality of your communication services.

Let’s face it: The financial industry is virtually defined by communication. Lagging behind in this critical area is a quick way to become irrelevant in an otherwise extremely competitive field.

Here at Digital Management Solutions (DMS) we take pride in helping our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our impeccable track record, obtained through years of extensive experience, allows us to deliver customized solutions which fit perfectly with your organization’s needs and ensure you the competitive edge you require. We work with a wide range of voice and data companies in order to determine and deliver the solutions best suited for you.

DMS offers you a distinct advantage you won’t find anywhere else.

The Right Tools at the Best Price

Financial communications nowadays are defined by two vectors: voice and data transfer. We deliver on both fronts.

After building your customized telecommunication solutions blueprint, we champion your requirements directly to the telecom providers to ensure the best possible carrier to meet your demands.

More exactly, our extensive network of partners and our experience in dealing with them allows us to drive a hard bargain so you get customized communication solutions at the highest quality and lowest price.

Your organization’s main focus though is on building customer loyalty and retention. The ability to quickly distribute customer data between the various branches, no matter where they are geographically located, is a key requirement in this regard. We offer technological solutions to some very real business problems.

The technologies on which we base our services use the optimal set of protocols and standards in order to deliver the best possible experience. It’s not uncommon for us to work with a variety of telecom companies in order to get this entire set of perks.

However, we also act as a buffer, ensuring cost transparency and accountability. We can guarantee that this will become an area which you won’t have to worry about anymore.

  • Dedicated Internet Connectivity – This is one area where we refuse to budge even an inch. As an organization, you need clear assurances that whatever amount of data traffic your company has, the infrastructure will be able to support it. You shouldn’t settle for anything less, the risks are just too high.
  • Ethernet Services – It offers the perfect balance between speed and ease of use. However the biggest advantages that this technology has are the scalability and ease of upgrading. In a dynamic organization, these factors are usually the Achille’s heel. It simply makes sense to adopt a technology that can keep the pace with the evolution of your company.
  • MPLS Solutions – Financial transactions are sensitive by their very nature. We take all the necessary steps to harden and protect the data flow. Specific solutions such Virtual Private Networks (VPN) or Virtual LAN, are remarkably secure and capable, allowing seamless communication between multiple sites without the risk of compromising data integrity.
  • Hosting – With solutions such as e-banking becoming the standard, hosting has become a critical part of the banking paradigm. We take our commitments seriously and through our extensive network of partnerships we are able to offer some of the most advanced hosting services in existence. We always aim for 100% up time and this is why our offers usually include a level of redundancy and the use of high tech approaches such as load balancing.
  • VoIP and Data Integration – Modern customers expect near instantaneous service and feedback. Our VoIP and data services ensure that your customers get just that. Your Sales and Support departments need the right tools to do their job. Streamlining communication and integrating the various data flows into one coherent and manageable structure create the most effective tool-set possible.
  • Audio and Web Conferencing Services – In a dynamic world where communication between departments and branches is critical, we believe that technology should stay out of the way, and simplify things, rather than complicate them. We make a habit of analyzing conferencing solutions and only suggest the top providers for the most appropriate solution to your need. Intuitive and easy to use, you will be able to focus on the content and not worry whether you can actually use the service
  • Managed Network Security – We live in a world where hackers and cybercriminals can effectively derail an entire organization. Ensuring security for your organization and your customers is thus of critical importance. And, based on your unique needs, we have a short-list of very specific providers that can offer you comprehensive security solutions allow you to achieve that safety. Firewalls, intrusion prevention/detection, encrypted communication, web content filtering or antivirus protection are all tools which we won’t hesitate to recommend to ensure your complete security.
    • Preemptive Bottleneck Prevention – A communication infrastructure is as strong as its weakest point. Our thorough communication analysis identifies these weak points and comes up with effective solutions to strengthen them.
    • Best Practice Policies – It’s quite remarkable how a few simple rules can translate into a much more powerful organization. We encourage our customers to adopt sensible policies. It’s always better to prevent rather than cure.
    • Crisis Response – In the long run, no matter how careful and diligent you are, problems will appear. While we can’t stop that, we can control how we react to situations like these. Customer after customer recognizes our outstanding crisis control skills. That one time when you will truly really need an experienced partner in communication, we’ll be there.

Taking Telecommunications Support to a Whole New Level

You could have the most advanced communication infrastructure but, if the system lacks reliability, you are effectively going nowhere.

Technology is virtually the same everywhere. What separates the amateurs from the experienced is the intelligent use of that technology.

We ensure reliability through a series of tested strategies and protocols, developed through years of experience and problem solving. We have a dedicated service team that operates independently of the telecom companies and can get things rolling fast.

When you have a problem, the old way of fixing things was to go directly to the telecom carrier for help. But, another “call center” number isn’t what you need.

So, we took customer service to a whole new level by creating our own experienced service team to quickly and efficiently meet the demands of our clients so now you have BOTH the telecom carrier and DMS to resolve your issues fast.

Time is money and you can’t afford any down time, regardless of the size, to get in the way of your success. We’re here to help.

In the end though, it all reduces to a cost/benefits analysis. We understand that and we want to ensure that you get the best deal. We reject the expedient way of offering standard packages. We talk with you and we literally create the service package that fits your needs best.

But that’s only half the story. Quite often, our customers saw a dramatically improved cost per benefit ratio. We work on your behalf and we have your best interest at heart.

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