Government Telecom & IT Solutions

These days, with all the budget cuts affecting government institutions, proper communication with the tax-paying citizens seems like a distant dream.

Digital Management Solutions can transform this dream into reality:

What We Offer: Consulting services with the purpose of evaluating your needs and then finding the most appropriate commercial solutions for your IT infrastructure. We then engage in negotiations so you get the most out of the tax-payers’ money. Finally we provide support.

What We Ask: For the vast majority of our clients and services, our business model revolves around the commission fee we get from the IT companies so you’re not paying one extra penny for our services.

Of course, each government institution comes with some very unique needs and requirements. This is why we refrain from offering standardized packets. To maximize your effectiveness, we prefer to open the lines of communication between your offices and ours in order to review your existing infrastructure and customize each element for a perfect fit.


Improve Productivity / Reduce Costs

This is the mantra of virtually every organization. We bring the experience of working with companies and institutions from a broad array of industries and we can achieve more with less.

Enhance Citizen Experience

There’s absolutely no excuse for not delivering the information flow required by our society.  If the private industry can do it, so can the government institutions.  We make this goal become reality by using the appropriate technologies and by helping you implement the right policies.

Safeguard Confidential Data

The citizens entrust your organization with their most private data. With crimes like identity theft on the rise, it is your duty to become part of the solution rather than part of the problem. We help you protect this sensitive data with select providers that specialize in this type of safeguard, while still maintaining flexibility and transparency.

The tools we use for the job are as diverse as they come and again their usage depends on your particular needs. This is only a list of our most common tools:

  • MPLS Networking Interoperability is of paramount importance. The MPLS framework is a high speed solution that can handle virtually every protocol and is platform independent. And this happens not just on an inter-organizational level, but also within the internal network itself. This versatility combined with the high reliability factor makes MPLS our favored approach when dealing with complex systems.
  • Ethernet Networking Ethernet is basically the workhorse of data transfer. It’s cheap, well-understood, flexible and reliable. And did we mention? It’s very, very fast. With this technology as a backbone we can then employ all the specialized protocols that a complex organization needs.
  • VoIP and Data Integration An integrated system has the definite advantage of removing artificial barriers and improving efficiency. From the cost analysis side you can also expect significantly more value. One network supporting all the communication needs is very much an achievable goal with clear benefits for all parties involved.

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