Retail Telecom Solutions

Staying ahead in retail has never been harder. Competition is stiffer than ever before and consumer behavior has drastically altered. In this landscape, the competitive edge is more important than ever.

Communications now drive virtually all of the possible advantages over competition. Whether it’s about quick reaction to market stimuli, flexible relations with the suppliers or simply delivering on customer expectations, the communication infrastructure is of critical importance to any retail business.

But then this is just half of the picture. At the same time you must ensure that the costs are kept down and efficiency is up.

Here at DMS we help you piece this puzzle. We will help you identify the communication needs for your organization and then sift through a multitude of IT and telecom offers to ensure that everything fits in place and that you get the most value out of every dollar.

Of course, each and every retailer is unique and has its own corporate culture. However, some basic principles hold true virtually everywhere and that’s our starting point.

Multiple Location Management Capability

This is a core functionality that puts communication at the heart of the retail business. Whether it is inventory tracking, real time video or conference sessions, the ability to obtain information, analyze it and act on it is of critical importance. Your specific needs are undoubtedly quite unique. Our expertise lies in finding the solutions that work with your software and systems to fit them exactly.

Customer Relations

Salesmanship is a process, not an event and the way people interact with your business is critical in determining their future decisions. In this light, any action that will help you deliver smoother transactions by faster data delivery is worthy of attention. We have a keen eye for detecting and fixing the communication bottlenecks that are hurting your business.

Cost Control

Controlling cost is a strategy that comes in many shapes and sizes. Streamlining operations and getting the best value out of the infrastructure are two examples. We deliver on both fronts, but where we really excel at is the predictability factor. There are many sides to the retail business where randomness is considered a given. We take the communications off that list. Transparency and reliability have a value of their own and this is where we truly deliver.

Confidentiality of Data

There are plenty of horror stories about compromised customer data. In this day and age, taking actions to avoid such an outcome is a must. Whether it is data encryption or establishing security protocols, we can help you build a safety net that your customer base demands and deserves.

With these goals in mind, we employ a wide array of technologies to help you with:

  • Dedicated Internet Connectivity It’s part of our reliability mantra. The communication must flow and a dedicated internet connection is a tool that ensures this. Your customers and your staff expect around the clock connectivity and reliable performance at each and every moment. We simply deliver on this expectation.
  • Web Solutions The goal is simple: Create a meaningful, reliable online presence and make it an integral part of your business. We deliver that simplicity at the best cost and highest performance. We are experts in analyzing hosting deals and negotiating the terms so you only have to worry about the website itself and not its underlying infrastructure. Hosting, server rack space, colocation, load balancing and cloud computing, are all variables we negotiate with so you can achieve that simple goal without hassles.
  • MPLS / Ethernet Networking We aim for high performance and flexibility. The use of modern communication protocols allow businesses to merge different data streams into a coherent system, be it sales data, voice or graphic intensive catalogs.
  • Network Security We propose an extensive array of technologies and policies which will render confidentiality to your data and without affecting the communication process. The tools of the trade range from virtual private networks and encryption to anti-virus software and content filtering.
  • VoIP Conferencing Traditional voice communication is simply not enough in terms of versatility and cost. VoIP is a modern alternative that slashes the expenses and gives a much higher degree of freedom to those involved. We evaluate the existing solutions on the market and you can rest assured that we will deliver the best suited technology available.

Still, installing the right tools is only half of the equation. Maintenance is usually the headache generating part. Here at DMS, we don’t restrict ourselves to a simple consulting role. We have assembled a highly competent support team that acts as a buffer and resolves quickly any issues that might appear.

What we offer can be summarized in these words: cost reduction, superior solutions, and stellar support. 

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