DMS Testimonials

“Our requirements are dynamic that shift with the needs of our field operations and have been traditionally managed through several vendor solutions.

Handling these relationships along with contract terms and pricing internally was no longer practical.

We engaged DMS as our telecommunications vendor to streamline the management of existing services as well as to facilitate the provisioning of new services.

After partnering with DMS, we have gained better visibility into our costs and contract terms across voice, data, and mobile services.

I have been able to reduce costs on existing services with more favorable terms and DMS helps by reviewing these accounts to ensure that the ongoing billing aligns with the agreements I have executed.

Their ability to provide solutions across multiple vendors allows me and my staff to spend less time architecting solutions, managing billings, and ordering services.

Their customer service by far exceeds that of any national carrier on any level including voice, data and mobile services.

I feel confident that DMS serves our interests as a customer in relation to telecommunication solution costs and value without sacrificing the flexibility of managing this on my own.”

– B.W. CIO, Mechanical Contractor – Colorado, Missouri, and Illinois



“Founded in 1902 by a coalition of entrepreneurs who “guaranteed” to light the 1904 World’s Fair, Guarantee Electrical Company is one of the largest and most respected national electrical contracting firms.

Having successful partnerships, such as our partnership with DMS, is one way Guarantee keeps its edge in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

In 2009, Guarantee had signed a contract with a telco provider that subsequently delivered sub par network performance peppered with short duration outages and capped with several hours long, geographically wide spread outages.

In 2010, DMS stepped in to assist Guarantee in wading through the ocean of options for replacement carriers, with an eye for stability, cost containment, and future scalability for Guarantee’s growing national presence. DMS presented options that covered all major and minor carriers and provided comparisons that assisted in making decisions on cost, technology, and capacity.

The DMS team assisted in negotiations, implementation, and continues to support Guarantee whenever a concern arises.

The result has been that Guarantee has secured a stable network which delivers increased bandwidth at a lower cost.

As the IT Director in charge of a small staff that oversees a large IT footprint, I am very satisfied that DMS has my back and is helping Guarantee face the challenges of today while getting ready for the opportunities of tomorrow. 

– Director of IT, Guarantee Electrical