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One of the most profound paradigm changes of our modern business environment is the realization that voice is just another type of data. First, it became compressed and sent over the internet (that’s how VoIP works) and later it became encrypted, making eavesdropping almost impossible.

The problem is that quality and reliability took a dive in the process. This is why VoIP was not widely used. Well… now these reasons are no longer valid.

Here at DMS we pride ourselves on our collaboration with providers who deliver some of the most advanced VoIP services in the world.

The connections available these days have reached a level of capability and reliability that renders old analog lines obsolete.

The real deal maker though is the price. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is enormously less expensive than long distance and international calls.

But that’s far from understanding all the benefits of VoIP for business. The usage of the IP PBX technology also means that an entire brand new set of features is available. Do you want to customize your caller ID? No problem. Do you want to receive voice mail and faxes in your e-mail? No problem either.

The possibilities are, quite literally, unlimited. Think of a certain application and most likely someone has already developed it. This is a field where innovations appear every day and implementing them is as easy as updating your software.

The integration of voice and other data streams has made new approaches possible, empowering businesses everywhere. Not using this technology to its fullest extent means that you are voluntarily giving an edge to your competition.

Of course, there are many ways in which this technology can be implemented at your company. You can go all the way and acquire a PBX system of your own or upgrade your existing one. At the other end of the spectrum, you can simply purchase PBX functionality as a service.

The array of options even extends to purchasing VoIP for business as part of a data services bundle, for significant savings.

This is the point where we as consultants make a difference. You want features you will use, no features that will gather dust, and flexibility in determining how your infrastructure should evolve all at the best price possible.

Our thorough analysis process transforms this wish list into a hard, actionable plan. Our insight will help you define your needs into quantifiable data and our expertise will deliver the solution you need at the most advantageous rates available.

With this approach, we’ve already transformed countless companies into lean and mean machines. Why not contact us and see for yourself where your company stands? The answer might surprise you.

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