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OPT-E-MAN offers you the ability to have multiple locations communicate with each other using a pure Ethernet solution over optical transport that connects your LANs within the same metropolitan area while supporting your many different types of business applications.

OPT-E-MAN builds on the strengths of our network with Cisco equipment to provide you with scalable optical service within the metropolitan area. This service provides flexible bandwidth options, from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps, to help you meet your growing Ethernet application needs.

OPT-E-MAN supports many transport data configurations (point-to-point, point-tomultipoint, multipoint-to-multipoint). It uses physical and virtual connections to satisfy your specific business requirements.

Opteman Description/Diagram

OPT-E-MAN uses Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) to transmit Ethernet LAN packets that run over optical fiber to your intraLATA network. They also transmit to the Internet or for access to Network Based VPN service. The fiber transport connects to network terminating equipment at your location, and you connect to the service using a router, bridge, or switch.

OPT-E-MAN Diagram


  • Scalable
    With OPT-E-MAN, you can add new locations and easily increase capacity of your bandwidth between existing locations.
  • Simplified network architecture By connecting via Ethernet, incorporating a separate protocol or interface isn’t required. A single handoff adds convenience and simplicity to your network architecture.
  • Cost-effective
    OPT-E-MAN is cost effective because it requires fewer physical interfaces, servers and routers to build your network.
  • Reliable and secure
    OPT-E-MAN provides bandwidth reliability through the Metropolitan Area Network at the native speed of your applications.



OPT-E-MAN uses these components:
  • Ethernet Port, Transport, and Interface: comes from the network terminating equipment at your location.
  • Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC): crosses the physical connection and the Ethernet cloud.


  • Bronze Service: supports your data applications with time-varying traffic and/ or those applications that are lower in priority.
  • Silver Service: supports your applications that require minimal loss and low latency variation, such as VoIP.

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